AVTECH Solutions offers a wide range of high-quality ECG cable configurations, which seamlessly interface with the monitors of major Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our cables are compatible with GE®/Marquette®, Philips®/HP®, Spacelabs® and Nihon Kohden,® to name a few. Proper fit and function are assured, as each connector has been tested with OEM equipment to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

  • Fully shielded, low-noise patient cables minimize artifact
  • Quality ECG trace
  • Standard AHA color-coded for quick and easy lead wire attachment
  • Molded cables with Snap, Pinch and Sure-Lock® connections
  • Fully molded for durability

We supply a comprehensive range of compatible 3, 5 & 10 lead ECG cables in moulded and two-part designs for almost every make of monitor/recorder available, as well as the Bernd Richter 3 and 5 lead VR system which enables interchangeability between most monitor makes. In addition we stock various ECG electrode adaptors and, for the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory, carbon fibre leadwires.

Our technical department has a wealth of knowledge in the supply of ECG cabling systems and would be very happy to discuss or assist with any requirement you may have, however large or small.