AVTECH Solutions Sp02 probes are available in either a 3-metre direct connection or a 2-part alternative (using a 2.4m adaptor cable and the probe of your choice with a 90cm lead). Both are available with the following options:
• Finger Clip adult/paediatric
• Soft Rubber adult/paediatric
• Wrap Sensor
• Ear Sensor, supplied with small & larger ear clip
In addition and to complement this range we supply genuine Nellcor and Masimo Sp02 probes and adaptor cables.

Our SpO2 reusable sensors are compatible with the most commonly used oximeter systems & modules. The SpO2 product family features unique product designs, easy patient applications & improved patient comfort. Our Soft Tip sensors offer an alternative to traditional finger sensors & combine improved performance, patient comfort, & durability all in one.


All disposable sensors feature a unique pre-aligned design that ensures accurate sensor placement and sensor functionality. The application tape maximizes patient comfort and allows for easy sensor repositioning. All disposable sensors come standard with Microfoam® tape (Medaplast tapes are available upon request).

  • Comes in 4 sizes: Adult, Pediatric, Infant, Neonates
  • Available in two 3M™ tapes: Microfoam, Medaplast
  • Compatible probes for most OEM manufacturers
  • Comes 24 per box

In addition, these sensors are optimized for Philips FAST-SpO2 technology,providing you additional benefits such as reduced sensitivity to patient movement and other artifacts. And they have been tested and qualified for most Philips, legacy Hewlett-Packard and Agilent monitors, and validated for certain Nellcor® and GE monitors.